The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

Martyrdom of President of JEM and Supreme Commander of its Armed Forces
A statement from JEM:

On Thursday, 23/12/2011, 3am, the President JEM and Commander of JEM forces was killed by missiles discharged by unidentified planes.  The accuracy of the missiles far exceeded familiar capabilities of the Khartoum government and was indicative of involvement of other parties.  The action resulted in immediate death of Dr. Ibrahim and one of his bodyguards.   

While declaring the martyrdom of it President, JEM takes this opportunity to offer its condolences to all Sudanese people and in particular, those who have been yearning for justice, whether in cities, towns, IDP or Refugee camps.  Dr. Ibrahim will remain a symbol of resistance and inspiration for those who are struggling of a Sudan of Justice, dignity and equality.

While mourning the heroic sacrifice and tragic loss of Dr. Ibrahim, JEM announces the following in no uncertain terms:

1 – That the blood of its leader will not go in vain and that those responsible for his death and indeed for death of many others will not go unpunished.

2 – JEM will continue its commitment to values laid down by its leader and will proceed with its struggle to build a Sudan of ethnic, cultural ad religious diversity and a nation committed to democracy, respect of human rights and rule of law.

3 – JEM affirms its commitment to all agreements, protocols and conventions that it has signed with national and international partners.

4 – It equally affirms its commitment to the Sudanese revolutionary forces and in particular the Sudanese Revolutionary Front of Kauda.

5 – JEM pledges to coordinate and work with all political forces, civic organisations and youth and women bodies to topple the Khartoum Government.

6.  In the shortest possible time, JEM will announce its administrative and political arrangements and will embark on military and political initiatives to the full satisfaction of all Sudanese people.

Gabriel Adam Bilal
Media and Spokesperson for JEM
London 25 December 2011

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